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Vida ICT delivers premium IT management and support to pan african small and medium-sized businesses of all industries. Our service combines digital solutions, trained IT professionals with sophisticated automation and management technology to create reliable IT infrastructures that lever our clients' business model, mission, and people.

Our clients thrive with our holistic approach to IT services. We believe that without an excellent strategy, project execution, proper configurations and systems administration and support, IT servicing is far from its best. Below you will find all the services we offer.

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Our Services


Every IT services starts with Evaluation, strategy, planning and advisory.
We want to provide you with as much strategic direction and knowledge you need to help you make a good decision.
Let our perspective guide your business IT decision.


When your business needs new technology, you need a team to deploy it effectively. Whether you’re designing, building, upgrading, or adding new IT infrastructure and functionality.
Tap into our expertise, tools, and automated workflows to achieve the best.


Clear technology priorities, continuous business insight and security baked into every level of your projects.
At Vida ICT, we’re shaking up IT management and future-proofing businesses with unrivaled insight into our clients’ technology and IT security needs.


Too many companies regularly suffer through bad IT.
The largest source of frustration stems from your information technology systems not working the way they are supposed to.
VIDA ICT changes that narrative by providing top-class IT support and service for small businesses.

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