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Creative director VIDA ICT

"A strategy is a solid understanding of where you are and where you need to be."

By preparing for the future and laying a foundation, we set you up for long-term success.
We aspire to be market leaders in our industry, and most of our clients would agree we are just that.
When potential clients approach us for IT services, they typically are seeking two characteristics from us:
(1) Someone they can trust.
(2) Someone who can execute and maintain a reliable technology.
Vida ICT strongly believes we meet these criteria, and we would love the opportunity to prove it to you.
We only use standardized technology solutions which we implement in a way that is unique to your business needs.

The roadmap to help you find your business technology fit.

Welcome to Vida ICT

A South Eastern Nigeria managed IT services provider comprised of computer enthusiasts and experts committed to helping other pan african brands thrive with technology.

Our clients goals are to
  • 1.  Feel safe and secure while working

  • 2.  Deploy recent technologies

  • 3.  Keep technology up and running

  • 4.  Continually improve technology over time

1.We Identify your priorities and challenges

We first, map out the key strategic priorities for your business with IT

2. Map your current processes

Once you have identified your strategic priorities and challenges, it’s time to analyze your current processes and determine how they can be improved, both through process optimization and smart use of technology. Remember, too, that technology is an enabler.

3. Plan for implementation and/or procure a solution

Your roadmap does not always have to lead to the addition of new technology. Some systems and processes may need to be updated or optimized through simple business changes and leveraging technology in this key areas in your business.

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