IT best Practices

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Technology strategy reviews

Take the long view. Not only is this one of our core values, but it is also the approach we take with every issue our clients encounter. Making your IT work NOW is important, but we aim to make your IT work well all the time. By preparing for the future and laying a foundation, we set you up for long-term success.
As a Vida ICT client, you will have regularly scheduled strategy meetings with us to analyze the status of your IT infrastructure. These meetings allow us to stay up-to-date on the status of your network and provide you the opportunity to express any satisfaction or concerns you are experiencing within your network. Recurring meetings and communications are crucial for us to ensure you receive the service you deserve.

Technology budgeting

Based on our experience the majority of IT problems arise from an inadequate strategy, poor execution, and a lack of communication. The unexpected problems are almost always the most expensive to solve because of the time, expertise, and sometimes technology that is required. Vida ICT will work with you to identify your needs and help you develop a stable IT budget. Once we establish your budget, we stick to it. Your budget is not an approximation of what you could spend, it is a recurring monthly payment that you will spend for us to optimize your systems and to help you accomplish great things.

Vendor procurement

As your IT infrastructure grows and evolves, you will be required to update, or in some cases replace, your existing technology. If new equipment is required don’t worry, we will be the middleman between you and our technology partners. Once it is determined what you have and what you need, we search our inventory of technology and check with our vendor partners to order anything we do not have, at the best possible price. We will always communicate with you ahead of time if we believe new equipment will help the IT issues you are having. If you do happen to need a new piece of equipment or an upgrade to an existing one, we will draft an invoice for the cost of the new equipment and discuss it with you during your strategy meeting.

Computer user awareness training

Despite all of the ransomware, malware, viruses, and other threats that roam the internet, your biggest security threat likely comes from within. Your employees. The bad guys have realized they can save time and effort by getting your computer users to do all of the dirty work, using a method called social engineering. While the vast majority of your employees probably do not mean to harm your company, social engineering victims can cause security breaches resulting in disastrous repercussions for your company. Anyone can become a victim of social engineering, especially if he or she is unfamiliar with how these attacks work. The good news is Vida ICT will train your employees on how to detect social engineering attacks, and what to do with them as well as sharpen their computer skills.

Network design

Many businesses surrender themselves to faulty systems, desktop inconsistencies, and worse IT because the idea of trying to fix these can be terrifying. Truth be told, most IT problems can be easily corrected or completely avoided through vigilant network design by an experienced IT support provider. Vida ICT will maintain your existing equipment and if necessary, manage the conversion that occurs from bringing in new technology. Once your network is stabilized, our top-notch IT support will ensure your network infrastructure remains predictable and reliable for years to come.

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