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IT support

Based on our experience, it is not the unexpected phone calls or last-minute meeting cancellations that interrupt your day the most. Instead, the largest source of frustration stems from your information technology systems not working the way they are supposed to.
When your network isn’t working, neither is your staff. If a handheld device won’t sync, a computer isn’t functioning, or a printer isn’t printing—your employees need help right away!
It is infuriating having to deal with IT engineers who take hours, or even days, to address your problem. Our industry gets a bad rap because too many companies regularly suffer through bad IT.
Vida ICT changes that narrative by providing top-class IT support and service for small pan african businesses.

Desktop support services

Most desktop support work can be done remotely and our team of trusted engineers are ready to help you with all PC issues, whenever they occur. As long as your PC has internet access, we can connect to it and see exactly what you see.
We do not expect our clients to know exactly what is wrong, but through our desktop support service offering we can diagnose the problem and resolve it for you as quickly as possible.
The best part of all, reactive desktop support is included in your monthly fee. Regardless of how many desktop problems arise, or how difficult they may be to decipher, you are covered.

Emergency IT support

Rarely will you need our support services after we make network improvements, but unfortunately IT can be very fragile. The nature of the industry is that no matter how immaculate the network design is, something will eventually go wrong.
If something does go wrong that cannot be fixed by our engineers, we have an entire onsite support staff available to you. Our engineers will go to your location at your earliest convenience and troubleshoot your IT issues. The hourly rates for our onsite staff vary based on the type of support required and/or the qualification of the engineer(s).
In the event that an onsite visit is required after hours, we have engineers on call 24/7, who are always ready to help, especially when you need us most.

Server support

Your fixed monthly fee provides you access to our tools and management procedures that will create a stable network, capable of servicing all of your business needs. Vida ICT will do everything possible to maximize the life cycle of your computers and other systems, and minimize your long-term IT spending.
In the event you need IT support after normal business hours, we have an on-call engineer available 24 hours a day to assist you. Don’t worry, this service is included in your monthly support fee.

On-site services

Our field engineers go on-site to client locations for a number of reasons. Those reasons can be broken down into three broad categories: Troubleshooting, regularly scheduled visits, and special projects.
When troubleshooting technical problems for our clients, most of our IT support is done remotely. However, some things cannot be done over the phone or email. In those times, we send in the team.
Other reasons a field engineer might visit a client site include business moves, special IT projects, network auditing, computer network configurations and setups.

Remote services

Thanks to the current state of technology and the IT industry, we are able to resolve the vast majority of client issues remotely. Every customer PC or laptop is accessible to remote support from an Endsight engineer through our remote management tools which include:

  • Network and infrastructure monitoring

  • Printer issues

  • Desktop monitoring

  • SPAM and other email support

  • Pop-up and spyware protection

  • Automated anti-virus and performance maintenance

  • Handheld device maintenance

  • Patch management

  • Other key elements of support include:

    •  Unlimited ‘break / fix ’ support for your end-users

    • Remote connectivity issues

    • Error messages

    • “How do I ? ” questions

    • Application support

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