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IT-strategy and planning

Keep in view.


Large corporations typically employ a Chief Information Officer (CIO) who deploys strategic direction for the company along with managing the people, systems, and processes required to run an effective network.
For the most part, small and medium-size businesses do not have the scale or financial capability to afford such a role. As a result, these companies tend to provide little management for the person, or people, managing their IT infrastructure, and often neglect the strategic attention and planning that is required for a high functioning network.

Servicing you

During the onboarding phase with Vida ICT, our team of engineers will perform an assessment before setting up your (VTA). Following this assessment, they will configure it to suite your business.

Your Virtual Technical Account (VTA)

Upon choosing Vida ICT as your IT service provider, you will be assigned a Virtual Technical Account (VTA) this account assumes the role of your company’s CIO. Your (VTA)is the point of contact between you and our professionals as well as management.
Our experts through your (VTA) will always take the long view when it comes to creating IT solutions for your company and project planning, we will develop an accurate, predictable IT budget that will suffice all of your business needs.

Explore Your Virtual Technical Account Explore Your Virtual Technical Account

Key elements of our IT strategy and planning Service

  • Regular IT strategy meetings with your executive team

  • Analysis and advisory on new technology decisions

  • Active planning for IT spending

  • Proactive analysis of network design and security

  • Assistance with disaster recovery planning and regulatory compliance

  • Linking overall business and IT needs

  • Review and discussion of network activity and reporting

  • Oversight and management of all aspects of the program
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