Working from home.

What Are Employees Looking for in a Remote Work Environment?

Are you and your team adjusting well to a remote work environment? According to surveys taken at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, employees seem happier working from home. It’s obvious why: They avoid long commutes and spend more time with their loved ones. And there are benefits for companies too, as they save a lot on rent, electricity, and other office-maintenance-related costs.

But experts are raising the warning flags.

Companies were able to react quickly against the emergency of the pandemic, but to permanently embrace a remote work environment they will have to transform all workflows and structures previously taken for granted: labor laws, remote work policy guidelines, employee rights and benefits, and managing borderless —and culturally diverse— teams.

What does a “remote work environment” really look like?

Before the pandemic, “work from home” usually meant you were sick or had permission from your manager to work remotely to take care of an obligation, such as doctor’s appointment.

Not everything is greener on the remote work side

Using virtual communication as a regular part of a remote work environment has forced employees to merge their personal lives at home with their professional day-to-day work lives, presenting unexpected challenges. For example, we’ve all experienced scenes like these: the cat in front of the webcam, the crying child in the background, the webcam that we thought was off but, whoops — it wasn’t!
Another side effect of remote work is how it affects us — and our families — emotionally and psychologically. Ms. Pancholy stated that remote work is different for everyone depending on where they live. In a two-story house in the suburbs, working from home may be a positive change considering you no longer have to commute. But in many developing countries, a year-long quarantine with the whole family indoors might bring people to their limits.
“It has definitely taken a toll on me and on everybody else psychologically, but since I was already used to it, it was easier for me. But I can understand why it’s not that easy for a lot of people,” said Ms. Pancholy.

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Transform your company for a borderless workplace

Remote work has made companies realize they can hire anyone, anywhere. There is a global talent pool they can tap into. That means a lot of people with specialized skills from emerging countries will get hired. “People are going to embrace the hybrid system of working. They want more flexibility. They want to work from wherever they want to work, whenever they want to work,” said Ms. Pancholy. The question is, how will companies transform their policies and processes to take advantage of all the benefits of remote work?

Now you know

The question is, how will companies transform their policies and processes to take advantage of all the benefits of remote work?

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